How a CDP Helps Merge Digital and Direct Mail Marketing

Despite a heavy focus on digital marketing, direct mail marketing continues to be a popular and effective avenue for reaching consumers. Brochures, catalogs, coupons, and self-mailers all help retailers create brand awareness and prime shoppers to make purchases.  

But in order for direct mail marketing campaigns (in particular, catalog mailing) to be cost-effective, it’s critical that these campaigns be fully integrated with the digital side of retail marketing operations. And the key to successful integration of all retail marketing channels lies in breaking down internal customer data silos with the help of a customer data platform (CDP). 

In this whitepaper:

Our latest whitepaper details why clean, organized customer data is the key component to integrating digital and direct mail marketing initiatives, and how the use of a CDP makes analyzing, managing, and unifying customer data for these campaigns simple and intuitive. Download now to learn how a CDP can make your marketing truly multi-channel.