There’s no doubt that marketers rely heavily on marketing technology – and we all love assigning an easy-to-remember acronym for each of them. However, as the marketing tech landscape continues to balloon (last count was nearly 7,000 MarTech vendors), marketers are getting overwhelmed.

Customer Data Platforms: Hype or Hope?

There’s a new player on the MarTech block, the CDP, and given the current martech landscape, we don't blame you for questioning its utility. In this on-demand webinar, QuickPivot’s Chief Product Officer and one of our Senior Solutions Consultants discuss how a CDP fits into and enhance a modern marketing stack, typical use cases for a CDP, and the value that CDPs can generate for businesses.

What You’ll Learn in this On-Demand Webinar

  • The definition of a customer data platform
  • Where a CDP fits in a modern marketing technology stack
  • How a DMP, CRM and CDP work together to give you an unfair advantage